This is the third and the last teaser post before the Civil Society Forum ‘Against the Current: Expanding Civic Space‘ takes place in Tirana, Albania this week. We are sharing the results of the preliminary research that will be discussed, finalized and validated at the forum.

After making Step One and Step Two, today is the time for the Step Three: Resource curse in reverse.

With new technologies and globalisation trends, there is also a need to close the gap in civil society in terms of skills, business and team management, data science, effective communication and specialised knowledge. Combined with resource constraints, these capacity shortfalls inhibit civil society from exercising its role as an interlocutor between different sectors of society.

At this panel, we are going to discuss the ability of civil society to respond to growing demand of tech, skill, and financial resources among others – and how to close the gaps before they are too close.

Stay with us for the updates from the forum which starts tomorrow and share your opinion in the comments below.