BeResponsible Montenegro

The Be Responsible app  is a mobile app that allows citizens to report local problems – from illegal waste dumps, misuse of official vehicles and irregular parking, to failure to comply with tax regulations,failure to issue fiscal receipts.  The most popular categories to date have been ecology and improper parking.

In the first six months of the “Be Responsible. Zero Grey Economy” campaign, Montenegrins reported over 1.500 irregularities related to grey economy to the authorities, which resulted in collecting 500.000 euros in fines. Owing to the success of the phase I of the campaign, the government has decided to extend it by the end of 2014.

The campaign involves assigning half of this amount (250.000 euro) to five community projects proposed and voted on by citizens, which are related to purchasing medical equipment for hospitals, redesigning three day-care centres for children with disabilities, landscaping a park, reconstructing an old persons’ home, and buying equipment for kindergartens. The continuation of the campaign will enable further collection of funds for socially beneficial projects, which will again be voted on by citizens.

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