Open Budgets in Ukraine

UNDP Open Budget Initiative is supporting turning budget data from only one star (on the web) closer to ones with three stars (non-proprietary format) open.

The western Ukrainian metropolis of Lviv published all of its annual USD 178 million municipal-level data visualized through the Open Budget tool for both incomes ( and expenditures ( Now anyone of 730,000 citizens may find out which square in the city is planned for renovation and how much do kindergartens spend to stack up on medicines or plan to spend on electricity bills this year. Data on anticipated incomes from land sales with a breakdown by months immediately indicates time-spots when major auctions are to take place, and hyperlinked content in every budget category explanation allows for best comprehension. Needless to say, source data is downloadable, and the system itself is based on open source code uploaded to GitHub under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. Already 3 cities (including Lviv) have started proactive use of the budget data disclosure and 6 more cities lining up for publication.